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The way you think about your relationships, the skills and attitudes you bring to them and the time and effort you put in can make all the difference. People are social creatures and relationships matter to us. We enjoy them, we cry over them and we're curious about how to get our relationships to be the way we want them. How well your relationships work can have a big impact on how satisfied you feel with life. Stimulating, resilient, satisfying relationships with partners, friends and family rank high on many people's wish list for a happy life.
All of us, currently dating or not, know the horrible truth - that in the first few seconds of meeting someone we subconsciously and consciously make instant judgements about people's characters and personalities.


Looking your best
If someone ever invented a magic fashion wand or a foolproof manual of dating rules for singletons, they'd be very rich indeed. Until that happens, what you can do is take heed of some style advice that will ensure you look your very best on your first date, and give yourself every chance of successfully negotiating date number two!

What is style?
Style is quite simply wearing what suits us - and anyone can learn how to dress for maximum dating success. Personal style is not about designer labels, the latest celebrity trend or must-have accessories; it's simply about having the confidence and self awareness to make the very most of what you have. It's about concentrating on the good bits, to help you arrive on a first date oozing genuine appeal and confidence.

Style tips for women
Top tips
Never be tempted to use hairspray: it looks naff, smells horrid and your date will get an unpleasant surprise if they touch your hair.

1. Remember, less is more when it comes to looking alluring, you want to look mysterious, not downright cheap.
2. This is not the night for long red nails or bright red lips; they're both too obvious a sign to a man that you are interested.
3. Wear discreet jewellery, not masses of gold - he won't understand the fashion irony of the St Tropez chic look.
4. Looking too trendy is also a bad idea. Your best friend might be jealous of your outfit, but your date may find it plain scary.
5. Use a colour corrector (green coloured foundation) as a base if you are prone to blushing or flush when you drink alcohol.
6. Never try and shop for a new outfit on the day of the date; life never works like that, you will get increasingly stressed and rarely will you find your dream outfit.
7. Make sure you wear a bra that fits you properly and feel confident showing off a hint of cleavage. It's amazing how many women wear the wrong size and it shows.
8. If in doubt, think Meg Ryan rather than Madonna - a mysterious feminine look is a definite winner with most men.

Style tips for men
Top Tips
Leave your comedy clothes in the wardrobe, T shirts with slogans, cufflinks that are clocks, ties with cartoon characters... please just don't go there. It never amuses any woman.

1. Don't wear a suit if you don't feel comfortable in it. Looking uptight and constantly fiddling with a choking collar is a real turnoff.
2. Do wear smart separates that look like you have made an effort. Trying to look like you haven't bothered is insulting to your date, and is arrogant in the extreme.
3. Make sure you wear deodorant - underarm patches are never a good look and are more likely to appear when you are nervous.
4. Only wear sandals if you have good feet, it's amazing how many women can go off a potential lover when they see a pair of yellow toenails.
5. Don't show off your tattoos, a lot of girls these days do love them, but some don't, so play safe and save them for a showing on a later date.
6. Never try and impress your date with inside fashion knowledge if you don't know what you are talking about. There is always a chance she will know more than you and see through your act.
7. Have the confidence to give your date a compliment on what she's wearing. Every woman likes to know that her effort has been appreciated, even if you dislike her outfit, find one thing to focus on and be complimentary.

Definite date dos
* Do have clean hands and nails, we all notice hands and grubby is a turn off.
* Do have a snack before you go out to curb the hunger pangs, settle butterflies in your tummy and stop your first drink going straight to your head.
* Do choose just one area of your body you are happy to reveal.
* Do make time to wash your hair, it always shows if you haven't bothered.
* Do remember less is more in every respect on a date, be it bronzer, aftershave or jewellery.
* Do wear clothes that fit properly; spilling out of clothes that are too small looks plain awful.

Definite date don'ts
* Don't start drinking when you're getting ready, you'll arrive drunk.
* Don't wear clothes that aren't appropriate for the chosen venue.
* Don't dress like a totally different person from the way you would normally.
* Don't take over the top presents with you - flowers or a small gift the day after the date would be better.
* Don't reveal intimate secrets or draw attention to defects, real or imagined.
* Don't wear too much jewellery - it just looks tacky.