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The way you think about your relationships, the skills and attitudes you bring to them and the time and effort you put in can make all the difference. People are social creatures and relationships matter to us. We enjoy them, we cry over them and we're curious about how to get our relationships to be the way we want them. How well your relationships work can have a big impact on how satisfied you feel with life. Stimulating, resilient, satisfying relationships with partners, friends and family rank high on many people's wish list for a happy life.
Don't be put off by expensive looking cosmetics boutiques and swanky hair salons when you're deciding your new look. Do a little research and use this guide before taking the plunge.


Make-up and grooming
A makeover isn't just something that happens to the lucky few that get onto TV and have the pick of London's best make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists. It's something that's possible for you to do for yourself if you're prepared to assess your current style with a critical and impartial eye. If you're up to the challenge, the following ideas should get you started.

Don't be afraid to experiment before you buy. Today's make-up and cosmetics counters are much friendlier than in the past. Most now carry lines made for men and all encourage customers to play with their products. Some also give away free samples to encourage you to buy.

* If you want a make-up artist to demonstrate the latest look, contact your local beauty salon, they may be able to recommend someone to you. Beauty salons often know or employ freelance make-up artists who will come to your home to show you some tricks of the trade.

* If you're on a budget, invite a couple of friends over and split the cost. You might not get so much one-to-one time, but you can still pick up plenty of tips by watching a professional in action.

* The other 'no-cost' way to get a new look is to host a make-up party. Ask your guests to bring their make-up bags with them - it can be an easy way to try out new colours and looks. What's more you can have a good nose through everyone's make-up bags or get a friend to show you how to apply a particular product!

Find out your style.
Buy some glossy magazines and rip out any pages that match the look you like. It doesn't have to be the whole outfit; it may be the collar on a shirt or the heel on a shoe. Eventually you should end up with some cuttings that tell you something about your choice of style.

Working with colour. Go and sit in a bar in the trendiest area near you and observe what people are wearing. Take a notebook. This is real fashion homework time. Note down how some people clash colours, while others are able to mix complementary tones that suit their overall look.

Most people treat denim or khaki as black and team other colours with it, some more bravely than others. When you're out ask people where they got their shoes, bag, etc. They'll probably be thrilled at a compliment on their personal style and you may find many clothes you admire come from shops you don't normally venture into.

Discovering style - on your terms. If you want to go a stage further, find your local fashion college and put a card up requesting a fashion student who can help style you for a day. Or call your biggest local department store and find out if they have any local stylists they use for fashion days. Their press office will have a list of contacts.

Now you've got your outfit right, don't get thrown off course by the wrong hair. Your hairstyle and colour are a badge of identity which should fit in with your image - not detract from it or dictate it.

Ask the experts. Seek out the most experienced hairdresser available. It will be more expensive but you can save money later by visiting a cheaper salon for trims or colouring. It's easy for a less experienced hairdresser to maintain a cut if the shape or colour has already been shaped at a top salon. Don't be intimidated by trendy salons. Go and visit a few before you decide on one that feels right. Do remember though, a hairdresser can only change your look - not your life.