Welcome To Mt Maunganui New Zealand
Fishing at Mount Maunganui New Zealand
Best places to go Fishing
Tauranga gives people the chance to experience different kinds of fishing. Throughout the city you will find multiple areas for us all to freely fish. As for the different spots, each one will most likely have a different type of specie of fish that you are most likely to catch. Fishing In Tauranga comes easily as there is simply plenty of water about. Ranging from rivers and surfcasting, fishing off the rocks or heading out to sea on the boat or simply in the harbour.
Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty is an angler's and seafood lover's paradise. Here you will find big game fishing, pipi and mussels, flounder in the estuaries, whitebait at the river mouths and large schools of kahawai chasing them as well as snapper easily caught from the beach. Further out there are gurnard on the flats and tarakihi, trevally, trumpeter and red snapper on the reefs and pinnacles thrown up by volcanic activity.
Kingfish are everywhere and reach great size, to 40kg. At 100m and more there are bluenose, hapuka, gemfish and bass. Crayfish inhabit all rocky structure.The facilities for the boat fisherman are second to none, the accommodation can cater for a wide range of budgets and, most importantly, it is the gateway to the mighty Bay of Plenty which produces some of the best fishing in the country.
Before you go fishing, make sure to check for weather conditions and the Tauranga tides. Pick the best time that’s available for you and head out to one of the Mount Maunganui fishing spots.
Mount Maunganui Rocks
Around Mauao on the far north side, you’ll find you can reach multiple points where you can cast your line from.
Cast out into the channel and see what’s on offer. Here you can catch Snapper, John Dory, Kahawai and Kingfish that cruise through. Make sure to check the Tauranga tides. Near the entrance to the base track of Mauao on the Pilot Bay side is a small wharf upon which you can also fish from. Cast your line into the channel and see what this fishing spot has to offer.
Mount Maunganui’s Salisbury Wharf
Salisbury Wharf at the eastern end of Pilot Bay is a great place to fish and take the kids and have them experience the outdoor activity. Use a handline or rod and fish for whatever is around, you can also cast right out into the channel. A lot of spotties here but if you’re lucky, you may just catch a Snapper or Kahawai. John Dory’s are also around, put on a live bait and you may also hook a Kingfish swimming through.
Leisure Island
Moturiki Island, more popularly known as “Leisure Island”, is also often a great place to fish. Along a short 5-10 minute walk up towards the blowhole are rocks upon which you can scramble over and find a posse to fish from. Check the Tauranga tides for when it’s right. There is a lot of deep water around this area that is beneficial to catching some great fish.
Cast out, and here hope to catch fish such as Kahawai, Snapper, John Dory & Kingfish.
Papamoa Beach
Fishing off Papamoa Beach has become very popular and is often visited by fisherman from all over the Bay. This beach is awesome for surfcasting and is becoming more and more popular. With a long coastline, there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy time fishing off the beach. Kontiki’s are also now very popular and are widely used.
The type of fish people tend to generally catch here consist of kahawai and snapper. Other species of fish people catch here but are not as common are terakihi, john dory and gurnard.
Tauranga Bridge Marina
The Tauranga Bridge Marina is located before the harbour bridge heading towards Tauranga. At the Tauranga Bridge Marina is a public fishing pontoon, which is the floating breakwater. This pontoon takes you out into the harbour where you can test your fishing skills. The most dominant fish that seems to be caught here is the Kahawai. The pontoon has a nice flat surface and is a great place to take the kids out fishing.
Marine Park Boat Ramp
People often come here and fish of one of the boat ramps. You can either drop your line in an attempt to catch a spotty or cast out into the channel and try your luck. In the channel here, you are most likely to catch Kahawai and Yellow Eyed Mullet. Perhaps… the odd Kingfish that swims through. If you are seeking a Kingfish, head over to the nearby rocks. Listed below.
Plummers Point
Along Plummers Point Road, Whakamarmara, is a small wharf upon which you can fish off. As you head down Plummers Point Road, there is a gravel road which you can drive along reaching the wharf. While not the best fishing experience, it still provides an outing. A lot of eels are to be caught here.
Sulphur Point Rocks
30 seconds down the road from Marine Park, is a left turn off down a gravel road where you will come across an area to park. To the right is a track you can walk along until you reach the rocks. Choose a spot along the rocks and give it a go. Here you can fish off into the channel where you are most likely to catch Kahawai, Snapper and maybe a Kingfish.
Train Bridge Otumoetai
Have a go at fishing off the shore near the Otumoetai train bridge. This is a great place to cast your line. Just before high tide or as the tide is going out is best. However, there can tend to be a bit of seaweed. Cast your line into the channel and test your luck at trying to catch Kahawai, Snapper and Yellow Eyed Mullet.