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Papamoa is situated in the warm sunny Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. Papamoa is the largest suburb in the City of Tauranga. Papamoa Beach is renowned for its excellent fishing, and surfing. Papamoa is one of the fastest growing areas in New Zealand due to the increase in popularity of coastal communities, proximity to Tauranga and local shopping developments. Real Estate in Papamoa New Zealand is a good alternative to property in Auckland.

Tauranga - Mt Maunganui - Papamoa
First settlers
The earliest known settlers arrived from the Takitimu and Mataatua waka in the 12th century. It was named "Tauranga", meaning "landing place".

Early trading
Traders in flax were active in the Bay of Plenty during the 1830s; some were transient, others married local women and settled permanently. The first permanent trader was James Farrow, who traveled to Tauranga in 1829, obtaining flax fibre for Australian merchants in exchange for muskets and gunpowder. Farrow acquired half an acre of land on 10 January 1838 at Otumoetai Pa- from the chiefs Tupaea, Tangimoana and Te Omanu, the earliest authenticated land purchase in the Bay of Plenty.

During the 1820s, missionaries from the Bay of Islands visited the Tauranga district to obtain supplies of potatoes, pigs and flax. In 1840, a Catholic mission station was established. Bishop Pompallier was given land within the palisades of Otumoetai Pa- for a church and a presbytery. The mission station closed in 1863 due to land wars in the Waikato district.

More than 220 years ago, Captain Cook had sailed into these waters and named the area the Bay of Plenty. The explorer had come upon many diverse landforms during his epic voyages in the late 18th century, but his encounter with the central northeast coast of New Zealand must have pleased him well. The name he gave to the sweep of ocean beaches, accommodating harbour and fertile hinterland has stuck with good reason. The Bay of Plenty is a popular holiday destination, offering beaches with pounding surf as well as scenic lakes further inland.

Tauranga is the bustling, confident port city where pleasure craft jostle in the marinas and charter vessels operate fishing, scuba diving and dolphin-watching trips. There is no shortage of shopping and dining in Tauranga either. This, after all, is the centre of the Bay of Plenty, a region experiencing steady population growth.

Papamoa is situated in the Tauranga District of the Bay of Plenty region on the northeastern coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Papamoa is the largest suburb in Tauranga City.

Papamoa has miles of white sandy beach stretching from Mount Maunganui in the west to the Kaituna River in the east. Widespread settlement of the area did not start until the early 1980s. Prior to this Papamoa had been largely a rural area. Papamoa is now one of the fastest growing areas in New Zealand due to the increase in popularity of coastal communities, close proximity to Tauranga and recent local shopping developments. Once a small and tight knit community, many of Papamoa's sweeping paddocks have been swallowed up by urban development. Papamoa's Real Estate prices have also sky-rocketed in recent times.

Papamoa is also renowned for its fishing, surfing and the Papamoa Hills Cultural Heritage Regional Park. As a surfing spot, the area is underrated and has often been seen as the 'poor cousin' to Mount Maunganui.

Mount Maunganui is a coastal resort town which enjoys great weather year round, and is a popular destination for those seeking sun, sand and relaxation.
As New Zealand’s ‘Surf City’, Mount Maunganui’s beaches are great for surfing and diving, with large numbers of visitors wanting to experience the laid-back summery atmosphere.‘Mt Maunganui is a centre for summertime activities, hosting everything from surf lifesaving events to beach volleyball, national surf contests to sandcastle-building.

Mount Maunganui, or Mauao, is also the name of the extinct volcano which rises above the town. Shrouded in history and legend, the mountain is a dominant feature of the landscape, and a climb to the summit offers amazing views of the surrounding city and ocean.The relaxed atmosphere of Mount Maunganui has something for everyone, from its vibrant café and pub scene, to its coastal shopping and beach culture.

Mount Maunganui is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in the country, Mount Maunganui caters for thousands of visitors each year and the Mount Mainstreet shopping centre is well placed to provide for their every need including boutique shops, quality restaurants and cafes. Mount Maunganui has also become a thriving business and commercial centre and the hub for all import and export trade for the Bay of Plenty. It is the home of one of the two busiest seaports in the country.

The Mount Mainstreet Shopping Centre is the main shopping area of downtown Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It is situated at the foot of Mount Maunganui (Mauao), from which the town takes it's name, on a narrow peninsula that separates the sheltered waters of Tauranga Harbour and the pristine white sands of the Pacific Ocean. The shopping centre is 300 metres walking distance from the Mall and calm waters of Pilot Bay, where the cruise ships birth.

On the opposite side of the peninsula lie the sands of Mount Maunganui's world recognised surf beach - a popular area for surfing, swimming, and all beach activities. The majestic Mauao with its walking tracks popular Hot Salt water pools is an easy stroll from the centre.
Today most of the early buildings have long gone and the skyline in and around downtown Mount Maunganui is amongst the most rapidly changing in the country. Developers and entrepreneurs are fast recognising its potential, and rapid development is underway to build the area surrounding this popular shopping centre into a premium year round destination for holiday makers.
Welcome to Papamoa New Zealand