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When children lose one of their baby teeth, they should place it underneath their pillow and
the tooth fairy will visit while they sleep, replacing the lost tooth with a small payment.
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Toothfairy Information For Mums and Dads
Children generally begin to lose their baby teeth between the ages of 5 and 7. By the time a child's full set of 32 adult teeth come in, he will have lost 20 baby teeth. When a child loses his first tooth, parents may wish to set expectations regarding tooth fairy visits.
Toothfairy Tooth Care
Start a Tooth Fairy Tradition to Encourage Good Dental Habits
Creative toothfairy ideas can also incorporate dental care education and establish good brushing habits. Reinforcing the importance of dental care routines by using notes written by the tooth fairy is a fun way to remind kids to brush and floss. Printable toothfairy receipts and note cards are available online, or you can design your own using notepaper and glitter for fairy dust to make the experience seem even more authentic.

Tooth containers are another popular item associated with visits from the toothfairy. Mini treasure chests are an option. Tooth-shaped pillows or monogrammed pillows with pockets to hold the lost tooth will help to avoid losing the important item before the toothfairy arrives to collect it.

Unforeseen Circumstances Affecting Tooth Fairy Visits
Sometimes a child may lose a tooth and not even be aware that it has fallen out. In this case, your child can write a short note, with your help, to explain the situation to the toothfairy and perhaps to suggest a location to search (school, playground, etc.). On extremely busy nights, the toothfairy may not have cash on hand — especially when the tooth loss occurs right before bedtime — and will need to supply a child with an IOU. Explain to your child that lots of kids at that age lose teeth, and sometimes this happens on the same day. There are times when the toothfairy forgets to visit or just doesn't make it to your house. A simple explanation with the promise of a reward the next night will usually suffice.

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Extraordinary Situations
Occasionally, a baby tooth is lost prematurely due to an accident or injury. In other situations, baby teeth refuse to come out on their own and need to be "wiggled" out at the dentist's office. These special cases call for extra care and attention from parents, as well as from the toothfairy. An encouraging letter from the toothfairy, accompanied by a treat, can be sent to praise the child's bravery at the dentist office. Reassuring a child who has been through a dental procedure helps to take away some of the fear and provides an opportunity to discuss the experience with your child at his or her level of understanding.

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To keep cavities away you must brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day - Tooth Fairy
To keep cavities away you must brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day!