Get more money for your home and sell it quicker by selling it yourself.

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15. Preparing Your Home For Sale!
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Here are some pointers on how to make your property more marketable. Once again it involves nothing more than basic common sense. Keep in mind that when people lay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a property, they want to feel comfortable living in it. They are not just buying a house; they are buying a life style. Emotion also has an enormous influence on people’s decisions. I think it would be true to say that more people buy houses based on what they feel about the property than what they think about it.

Now what may appeal to one person, may not appeal to another. So don’t be discouraged if a number of people come to view your house without putting in an offer. As I mentioned earlier, even if prospective purchasers think that a house is reasonably priced, well maintained and within their affordable price range they won't purchase it if it doesn’t suit their requirements. Nevertheless, some things are desired by all people, so the more things that you can do to make the property more appealing, the better. For a starter, everybody likes neatness and tidiness; even people who are not neat and tidy themselves.

Unless they can use it as an excuse to knock the price down, most people don't want to move in to a house on which they will have to do a lot of work. So attend to any repairs or painting jobs that need doing. If the roof is in reasonably sound condition, but looks as if it needs attention, attend to it. If the carpets are dirty or stained, hire a commercial carpet cleaner to clean them. Make sure windows open easily and that doors don’t stick or creak. Tidy lawns, neat gardens, trimmed shrubs and hedges and freshly painted fences can do a lot to give a house appeal. Such things suggest that the house has been maintained with loving care.

Check the guttering and down-pipes to see that they are not rusty or leaking. Three or four thousand dollars spent on cosmetic repairs could result in your getting twice as much money as you spent on the repairs as a consequence of raising the properties appeal. It is also amazing what a few extra flowerpots, especially hanging plants, placed here and there can do to brighten up the outside of a property and give it that ‘This is my little haven’ look.

While people buy houses to live in rather than to look at, most people want other people to be impressed with the way it looks. And while the saying goes, “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” the fact is that many people do tend to pre-judge a house by looking at it from the street. So even if it is wonderful inside, some people will be put off buying a house because it won't impress their relatives and friends from the outside.

First impressions.
After street appeal, the first thing people notice is the entrance, so make sure that the front door and porch - if you have one - is clean and tidy. If the doormat is old, buy a new one. The importance of the first impression that people will get when they get enter the front door can’t be over stressed. I’ve heard so many people say that as soon as they walked in the door, they knew that this was the house for them. It is a bit like falling in love with someone at first sight.

People want to feel comfortable the minute they walk into the house, so if you can, have plenty of light flowing through, have some pleasant music playing on the CD player, have vases of nice flowers here and there and perhaps have the aroma of freshly brewing coffee coming from the kitchen. All this can help to make prospective purchasers feel as if this was a place they could relax in. If it’s a cold day, make sure the house is warmed up before you take people through it. If it’s a very hot day, open some windows.

Make sure the beds are made and have only furniture on the floors. If you get time to clean the windows and vacuum the carpets before you have people coming through, this will also help. People don’t like the idea of inheriting a house with other people’s dirt. Give the impression that you are proud of the house you are selling. If any rooms are full of clutter, get rid of it. If you have a lot of possessions lying about that you don't want to part with, consider storing them somewhere else rather than in the house, until you shift. The less you have in the house, the more spacious it will appear.

Whatever you do, avoid stale or unpleasant smells. If you are a smoker, keep pets, or cook a lot of curry meals, make sure you air the house well before letting people come to look at it. If you have a dog, keep it out of the way. A barking dog can make people feel ill at ease. On the other hand, a cat relaxing on the couch can make a visitor feel as if they want to relax in the place with it.

The design and state of the kitchen and bathroom can make a strong impact on one’s decision to purchase a house, especially from a woman’s point of view. These are the rooms that reflect the vendor’s hygiene standards. A bit of decoration in these rooms can lift their appeal. Nice pictures or posters on the walls can also help. It’s important to make sure that the stove; the bath and the toilet have been thoroughly cleaned. Have your best towels on the towel racks.

If it is an old house, with an old chipped enamel bath, get it re-enamelled. Don’t forget the taps either. If they need cleaning and polishing, attend to it. If they are very old and worn, replace them. Some perfumed air spray and the odd pot plant in the bathroom will help to make it appeal more to the senses.

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